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Welcome to happyherbalstore.com, the best online Chinese herbal medicine store, accessible in 4 different languages to serve a worldwide clientele. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine works by re-establishing the balance of yin and yang energy in our bodies, and creating harmony between the natural world and human beings.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been practised for thousands of years in China and throughout East Asia – to maintain health, well-being, and improve quality of life – and is safe, effective, and natural.

At happyherbalstore.com, all products are naturally extracted from organic herbal plants, seashells, or mineral elements, and are prepared and packaged following international standards of quality control.

At happyherbalstore.com, we ship products to clients as soon as possible and with reduced shipping costs. Products are sourced from local herbal clinics in different countries (Canada, England, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.) to serve clients faster and maintain product quality.We are constantly striving to make your experience exceptional by ensuring our herbal products are high quality and are delivered fast and at low cost.

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Frequent Asked Questions

1. How do I begin searching for a Chinese herb remedy?

1) Understand what you are suffering from. Do you have a diagnosis from your GP?

2) If you have several different conditions, such as hypertension, arthritis, depression, insomnia, etc. decide which one is your priority.

3) Make a list of your symptoms and assign the one or two you most want to resolve.

4) Look at the first urine color in the morning when you get up before drinking any water; is it dark yellow, light yellow or light clear?

5) Look at your tongue in the mirror.

2. How to look for right formula for your condition?

1) If you know the name of the condition you have prioritized, e.g. hypertension, arthritis, anemia, etc., type it in the search box.

2) Type all symptoms or signs you may have into the search space.

3) If you don't know the name of the condition, just put symptoms or signs in the search box.

4) When the search results appear, there may be 2-5 different prescriptions. Choose the one that 70-100% matches your condition.

  3. How to observe the urine color in the morning?

The first urine color in the morning is important in assessing whether your condition belongs to cold or heat. To obtain the most accurate observation:

1) Don't drink any water or other beverage before bed time or after midnight.

2) Don't take any colorful herb products.

3) Don't take Vitamin B 12 or any compound Vitamin B containing B12.

4) In the morning observe and classify the urine color according to 3 levels: dark yellow, light yellow, and light clear.

4. How do I observe my tongue?

The best time to look at your tongue is in the morning before you drink coffee, smoke a cigarette, or eat any colorful food. Don't brush your tongue. With mirror in natural light observe:

1) Your tongue's shape and color.

2) Teeth marks around tongue edge.

3) Tongue's coating color (yellow, white, greasy, non-coating), thick or thin tongue coating.

It is a good idea to take a picture before and after treatment to see the changes, and it is also very helpful to include the pictures when you need a consultation.

5. What exactly is a cold or hot body nature?

Assess the nature of your body. If it has a cold nature, you tend to feel cold; have cold hands or feet; taking a warm bath or shower makes you feel better; your tongue is pale red; there are lots of teeth marks around the edge; you are not thirsty; you don't have a dry mouth; and your urine color in the morning is light yellow or light clear. If your body has a hot nature you tend to feel hot; have hot hands, feet, or chest; sweat easily; have a dry mouth; are thirsty; cold baths or pads make you feel better; your tongue is red with a yellowish coating; your urine color in the morning is dark yellow or light yellow.

6. Can I take Chinese herb with Western Medicines that my GP has prescribed?

Generally, most Chinese herb remedies are very safe without side effects. If you are taking prescription medications it is safer to take them one or two hours apart from herb products. For instance, if you take a prescription medication at 6 AM, then 8 AM is a proper time for you to take herbs.