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Calming/Stress Relieving Oolong Tea Blend

Health Benefit: This tea will help relieve stress, depression or sleeping disorders caused by stress; and release blocked energy from liver and heart meridians. Extended use will increase energy; improve sleep; aid in relaxation; reduce body pain and headaches; improve appetite; and maintain physical and mental vitality every day. This tea is not for use just before bedtime, as it may contain some caffeine from the Oolong tea.

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    Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Silktree Albizzia Flower, Medulla Junci Flower, Jujube Flavour: This blend is light tasting and slightly sweet, with a calming, woodsy aroma. To Make Finest Tea Tea Pot: Ankang Health Tea Pot Tea Blend: 10gram Temperature: 95-100°C Water: 8oz (235ml) Steep Time: 1st 1min, 2nd-5th 10 sec Package: 10 gram/bag, 10 bags/pack Store: cool and dry Expire: 1 year of date of purchase Price: 19.95/pack