Chinese Herbal Medicine for Weight Lose- Slim 3 (窈窕3号) Zoom

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Weight Lose- Slim 3 (窈窕3号)

This is a great herbal product to help those over weight people who have poor digestion, loss stool or chronic diarrhea, water retention, or edema, always feel fatigue or lower energy. It will help to achieve long term results.

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Product Description


    PRODUCT NAME: Weight Lose- Slim 3 (窈窕3号)

    INGREDIENTS: 黄芪,茯苓,桂枝,白术,甘草,白芍, 生姜, 猪苓,泽泻,五加皮,桑白皮,陈皮,大腹皮.Astragalus Root, Poria, Cinnamon twigs, Atractylodes, Licorice, Peony (white), Fresh Ginger, Polyporus, Alisma, Acanthopanax, Mulberry bark, Citrus peel, Areca husk.

    FUNCTION: Boost energy, tonifies digestive system, promotes urination to remove water retention, helps weight lose.

    INDICATION: Over weight or obese with poor digestion, water retention, diarrhea, lower energy or edema.

    ADMINISTRATION: 5 capsules at a time, 3 times a day with empty stomach.

    TREATMENT COURSE: 1-4 months till condition is getting better.

    S/E: N/A.

    Precaution: 1) pregnant women and children use with caution; 2) the person who is allergic to the product should stop using it. 3) Don’t use it during cold/flu or fever.4) Don't drink to much water during treatment.

    STORE: Room temperature. Keep out of reach of child.

    Formula Type: Capsule

    Package Size: 100capsules/bottle