Health Breakfast Diet (Type 2) 健康早餐2 (350grams) Zoom

Health Breakfast Diet (Type 2) 健康早餐2 (350grams)

It is a great diet to help your kidney and digestion system, to promote urination, remove water retention, boost energy, quickly help to loose weight. It also benefits to fix chronic diarrhea.

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    PRODUCT NAME: Health Breakfast Diet (Type 2) 健康早餐2 INGREDIENTS: 山药,茯苓,大枣,莲子,芡实,生黄芪。Dioscorea, Poria, Jujube(red), Lotus seed, Euryale, Astragalus Root. FUNCTION: Remove water retention, promote urination, tonify kidney and spleen function, increase immunity and energy, stop loose stool or diarrha, and help lose weight. Cooking Instruction: Put one and half cup of cold water, mix with one small bag powder in pot, cook it on stove, strirring till boiling. S/E: N/A. STORE: 4-10 Degree Package Size: 50grams/ small bag, total 7 bags for 350grams