Health Breakfast Diet (Type 1) 健康早餐1 (350grams) Zoom

Health Breakfast Diet (Type 1) 健康早餐1 (350grams)

It is a great diet for people who eagerly want to loose weight, remove water retention, promote bowel movement, and boost energy. It is delicious and tasty. Also you can add any vegetable or meat inside to make best food you like. It is very safe and effective.

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Product Description


    PRODUCT NAME: Health Breakfast Diet (Type 1) 健康早餐1

    INGREDIENTS: 薏苡仁,枸杞子,核桃,生黄芪, Chia Seed, Coix, Lycium fruit, Walnut, Astragalus Root.

    FUNCTION: Remove water retention, promote urination, tonify kidney and spleen function, increase immunity and energy, promotes bowel movement, and help lose weight.

    Cooking Instruction: Put one and half cup of cold water, mix with one small bag powder in pot, cook it on stove, strirring till boiling.

    S/E: N/A.

    STORE: 4-10 Degree

    Package Size: 50grams/ small bag, total 7 bags for 350grams