Chinese Herbs-Anti Metastasis of Breast Cancer 抗乳腺癌转移方 Zoom

Chinese Herbs-Anti Metastasis of Breast Cancer 抗乳腺癌转移方

Successful Case: Dr Liu treated one 34 years old patient of metastasis breast cancer, after 30 days of treatment with this ingredient, all tumor size were becoming smaller than before, and when the patient took this herbal ingredient 120 days, all tumor masses were disappeared. After 6 years followed-up, the patient was still alive and health.

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    PRODUCT NAME:-Anti Metastasis of Breast Cancer 抗乳腺癌转移方

    INGREDIENTS: 柴胡,黄芩,苏子,党参,夏枯草,牡蛎,瓜蒌,石膏,陈皮,白芍,王不留行,川椒,甘草 Bupleurum, Scute barbata, Perilla seed, Codonopsis, Prunella, Oyster shell, Snakegourd Fruit, Gypsum, Citrus peel, Peony (white), Vaccaria seed, Zanthoxylum bungeanum, Licorice.

    FUNCTION: anti breast cancer, shrink tumor, clear excessive heat, regulate liver qi flow, help healing process

    INDICATION: Metastasis breast cancer, patient present frequent dry mouth, stress, hot, restlessness, multiple tumors.

    ADMINISTRATION: Orally, 5 capsules a time, 4 times daily without food.

    TREATMENT COURSE: 2-8 months till condition is getting better.

    S/E: N/A.

    Precaution: 1) pregnant women and children use with caution; 2) the person who is allergic to the product should stop using it.3) don’t use it during cold/flu or fever.

    STORE: Room temperature. Keep out of reach of child.

    Formula Type: Capsule

    Package Size: 100 capsules/bottle;