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Chinese Herbal Medicine - Anti Chronic Prostatitis Capsule


It is a good and effective herbal product to treat and cure chronic prostatitis.

Indication: Chronic prostatitis with abdominal and groin pain, low back pain, frequent and urgent urination, a feeling of not completely emptying bladder, or pain in the tip of penis, dark yellow urine, red tongue with yellowish coating.

Categoryfrequent urination, abdominal pain, Chronic prostatitis, Man Disease
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Ingredient: 车前草,鱼腥草,半边莲,茯苓,炒桃仁,红花,泽兰,桂枝,甘草,滑石,瞿麦,萹蓄。Plantago leaf, Houttuynia, Chinese lobelia Herb, Poria, Persica, Carthamus, Lycopus, Cinnamon twigs, Licorice, Talc, Bianthus, Polygonum aviculare.

Function: Clears heat and dampness, anti inflammation, removes blood stasis, promotes urination, relieves pelvic pain, testicle pain, painful urination.

Administration: 5 capsules at a time, 3 times a day with empty stomach.

Treatment Course: 1-2 months.

S/E: N/A.

Precaution: 1) the person who is allergic to the product should stop using it. 2) Stop using it during cold/flu or fever.

Formula Type: Capsule

Package Amount: 100 capsules/bottle.