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Chinese Herbal Medicine - Anti-Testitis Capsule


It is a good product to treat testitis, the successful rate is close to 95% after 1-4 weeks treatment.

INDICATION: acute or chronic testitis.

Categorytestitis, Man Disease
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INGREDIENTS:夏枯草,金银花,连翘,北芥子,青皮,当归尾,丹皮,生甘草. Prunella, Lonicera flower, Forsythia, Mustard seed, Citrus viride, Tangkei tail, Moutan, Licorice.

FUNCTION: anti inflammatory, regulates qi and blood flow in liver meridian, to cure acute testitis.

Administration: 5 capsules at a time, 3 times a day with empty stomach.

TREATMENT COURSE: 1-4 weeks till infection is cured.

S/E: N/A.

Precaution: 1)Children use with caution; 2) the person who is allergic to the product should stop using it. 3) Don’t use it during cold/flu or fever.

STORE: Room temperature. Keep out of reach of child.

Formula Type: Capsule

Package Size: 100 capsules/bottle