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Chinese Herbal Medicine for Vocal Cord Swelling - Dan Qing San Jia San


It is a good and effective herb product to treat hoarse voice caused by vocal cord swelling or thickness.

INDICATION: long-term vocal cord edema, pronounced long-term hoarseness, or glottis

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INGREDIENTS: 三棱,莪术,穿山甲,蛭虫,蝉衣,鳖甲,昆布,海藻,桃仁,红花,落得打.Scirpus, Zedoaria, Pangolin Scales , Leech, Cicada Slough, Turtle shell, Kelp, Sargassum, Persica, Carthamus, Gentella asiatica urban.

FUNCTION: Removes blood stasis and phlegm, reduces swelling of vocal cord, to recover voice.

ADMINISTRATION: Orally, 3-5 capsules a time, 4-3 times daily after meal.

TREATMENT COURSE: 1-3 months till condition is getting better.

S/E: N/A. 1) pregnant women and children use with caution; 2) the person who is allergic to the product should stop using it. 3) Don’t use it during cold/flu or fever.

STORE: 4-10 °C. Keep out of reach of child.

Formula Type: Capsule

Package Size: 100 capsules/bottle