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Diabetic Ketoacidosis Capsule


It is a good product to prevent and treat early stage of diabetic ketoacidosis with dry mouth, thirst, frequent urination and odor breath, red tongue with yellowish coating.

INDICATION: Diabetic ketoacidosis with thirsty, bitter taste in the mouth, a distinctive fruity odor on the breath, red tongue with yellowish coating.

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INGREDIENTS: 生黄芪,太子参,玄参,山药,生地黄,当归,苍术,栀子,黄连,黄柏,川芎,赤芍,泽泻,茯苓,甘草. Astragalus Root, Pseudostellaria, Scrophularia, Dioscorea, Rehmannia, Tangkei, Atractylodes, Gardeniae, Coptis, Phellodendron bark, Ligusticum, Peony(red), Alisma, Poria, Licorice.

FUNCTION: tonifies kidney and spleen qi, clears fire and heat in kidney, removes dampness, helps prevent and control diabetic ketoacidosis.

ADMINISTRATION: Orally, 3-5 capsules a time, 4-3 times daily with empty stomach.

TREATMENT COURSE: 1-3 months till condition is getting better.

S/E: N/A.

Precaution: 1) pregnant women and children use with caution; 2) the person who is allergic to the product should stop using it; 3) Don’t use it during cold/flu or fever.

STORE: Room temperature. Keep out of reach of child.

Formula Type:Capsule

Package Size: 100/bottle