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About Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient medical system, used for both preventing disease and improving health, and for diagnosing and treating all manner of sickness. TCM is used for both physical and psychological ailments. Qi ("chee") is the body's energy, and is carried throughout the body by the blood through different energy channels. When the body has a lot of qi and the flow of qi is strong and unobstructed, the body is healthy. When the body has weak qi, or the flow of qi is blocked, the body develops a sickness. Chinese medicine uses the energy channels to balance the flow of qi.

The tradition of Chinese herbal medicine is said to originate with the legendary emperor Shen Nong, who lived around 5,000 years ago. There are three important aspects of this tradition. The first is that the theory of Chinese medicine governs the healing actions of all formulae and individual herbs. This means that the terminology of Chinese medicine indicates certain formulae or individual herbs as an intrinsic part of the diagnosis. The second is that the practitioner usually prescribes formulae rather than individual herbs. Formulae are groups of herbs which complement each other and provide a greater effect together than individually. Herbal formulae are usually safer and more effective against complicated medical conditions. The third is that the long tradition of thousands of years of using natural herbs ensures both the effectiveness and safety of prescriptions given by trained practitioners of TCM.

These three aspects combined give the practitioner of TCM a deep understanding of a patient’s health problems and a safe, effective method for treating many ailments, whether of body or mind.